Texas Instruments InstaSPIN™ – Mind. Blown.

After unsuccessfully spending days on a STM32 evaluation kit to get their motor control firmware up and running, I was pleasantly surprised by the Three Phase BLDC Motor Kit with DRV8312 and Piccolo MCU from Texas instruments. And I was blown away by their InstaSPIN™-BLDC Solution. I could set up everything and have the motor running in under an hour.

This video by Dave Wilson is the most comprehensive and clear motor controller demo I have ever seen.

The beauty of InstaSPIN is its ability to run almost any motor – it instantly ran the motor that came with the STM32 Evaluation kit, and also ran couple of motors my friend found from a surplus store – there is no change in the code necessary – all you need to do is change the flux threshold value in the GUI.

Another impressive feature is how robust the control system is, even at very low duty cycles. Less than 10% duty cycle without sensors? InstaSPIN does.